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sitting dreaming wondering
youth the truth
I think I have lost
head in a thousand buckets of sand
buried beneath the

landscapes of longing
whisp across the sky
a hint of what we really do not see

I hear the cry “mommy” and I wonder
do I go
do I stop writing
or is it this truth that
keeps me separated
from the reality
of what lies upstairs
waiting for me
curly locks and all


I keep thinking about mother’s day in a negative way this year. Not so sure why. I am not feeling negative towards moms nor am I feeling negative as a mom. I think it has to do with war. I think of mothers and their children and war. I think of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban. I think Queen Noor has something smart up her sleeve and I wish it could spread across the world like wildfire. This is the year 2007. Aren’t we supposed to be more advanced by now? Shouldn’t we have evolved to a place where there isn’t war? It seems so strange that we are still fighting. Does our life always have to spin on a revolving current of hatred and distrust? I guess in disgust I wrote the poem below. I am not sure if it states what I think clear enough, but it is all I have for this mother’s day 2007.

war times
war crimes
queen noors
peace plan
for peace
why not all year round?

do mothers really
want to raise
suicide bombers?

do mothers really
want their
children to go to war?

do mothers really
want to have
children of mass destruction?

do mothers really
want their
children to be politicians?