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hot smell of almost summer
meadows heat up
near creeks
senses sent
swiftly downstream
into floodgates: memories

wild roses, ferns and honeysuckle
running through tall grasses
looking for leapfrogs, toads, snakes and salamanders
recalling: mud patches, bee stings
and stream beds

the great heron lifts up from
the river
flying further away
dreaming on a breeze filled
with the aroma of
summers spent
the quiet dark beauty, earth


ha! I got thud from the  random prompt generator and thud I just couldn’t resist posting this, I know it is cheezy, but what fun!

what a dud
my heart sinks in the suds

you bathed me
until I was clean
and you were gone

what crud
I am deep in the mud

dirty as a fool
could ever be
will you return?

what a stud
chewin’ on your cud

wrapped in the barn shawl
covered in hay
will you notice me?