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the promise of crocuses

waiting frozen
against parking lot brush
juniper, box berry
covered with
silt, salt ,dust

sunlight filters
across grey rain at dawn
springs aroma
washed free
in early morn

winter wraps up
spring unravels
the promise of crocuses
sightings marked
near commuter gravel


What I have to say
my mouth is clamped shut
I cannot write
because I cannot
hear what I have to say

frown lines appear
maddeningly quick
grey hairs streak tears
this cold voice
thwarted -endangered

the dusty crevice
of my mouth
is full of
dead bats
dying bees

will I choke
on the powder of crushed moth wings?

Scott over at Poetic Leanings
sent me this award from the shameless lions writing circle whereby I must list three things that make writing good and powerful before passing the award along. ( And pick other sites to give the award to!)

Thanks so much Scott for giving me this award. I will have to say it has taken me a long time to post a thank you as my computer has been ill along with everyone in my family-including me…

Here are three things I think make writing good and powerful:



& humor

Three blogs I send this award out to are:

On Any Other Day


Tiny Bubbles