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This is a work in progress, but I had to get it out before I lost what I was thinking about…


We Are Not All Mexican


Every day I see the men sitting


their eyes ever hopeful

search mine for cash resurrection

as my truck rolls on by

the empty lots in Suffern


At home the wives/girlfriends

seek out homes to clean

by word of mouth

their children

meet my children

in school


The women

desperate for a voice come to family planning

I hear stories of Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico

El Salvador

children left behind

with mothers, grandmothers, and mother in laws


They gave up so much to come here

did they know it was going to be like this?

Is the $ worth the loss?

How would I even know?

People seeking to change their lives

and we judge over language-I mean color


We are ignorant

They are brave

They are ignorant

We are brave


Words that divide and judge

when we should really just understand

the human-ness in the experiences we all participate in.


What I have to say
my mouth is clamped shut
I cannot write
because I cannot
hear what I have to say

frown lines appear
maddeningly quick
grey hairs streak tears
this cold voice
thwarted -endangered

the dusty crevice
of my mouth
is full of
dead bats
dying bees

will I choke
on the powder of crushed moth wings?